Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector ("the Alliance") is a collection of individual taxpayers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving government excellence in all of our local services.      


Many Omaha business people are struggling to survive, unduly burdened by high taxation, unfunded mandates, obstructionist agencies, restrictive and outdated local governance, and local policies that destroy rather than support positive economic activity.  Meanwhile, government employees receive greater and greater salaries, benefits, and pensions as the private sector has to cutback, downsize, lay-off, and retract. The community needs to achieve more salary and benefits balance.

Although some groups, like the region's various Chambers of Commerce, are communicating with elected officials to support a more business friendly climate, Omaha still needs an organization dedicated to the interests of the small business owner and individual.  For years, large corporate interests and strong public employee unions have had great sway over local politics.  Small and mid-size businesses, the economic engine of our community, have not had the kind of unified voice that can represent their interests. The Alliance seeks to fill this void in the broader discussion and will gladly work with groups like the Chamber to supply this missing point of view.


When the current City Administration raised the wheel tax and imposed a restaurant tax to pay for the exorbitant police pensions and the CIR continued to interfere with local decisions like minimum manning on fire trucks and other wasteful fire contract provisions, many small business owners and middle class citizens had finally had enough and the “Suttle Recall” effort was born. While that grassroots recall group was narrowly defeated, many of these same small business owners and middle class taxpayers coalesced to more uniformly advocate for needed reform.  No longer would or could local businesses or taxpayers simply sit by and watch public employee unions drive up the costs of services, especially without any commensurate improvement to those services.


While this organization is not, by any means, an anti-union group, it is clear, unfortunately, that the way many state and local union leaders have conducted themselves has helped to cause much of the waste, mismanagement, and corruption complained of in this website.  The articles, taken from the local newspaper, and recounted herein are full of examples of mismanagement and bad conduct at Omaha Housing Authority (OHA), Omaha Police Department (OPD), Omaha Fire Department (OFD), and Omaha Public Schools (OPS) as well as other government agencies.  The Alliance simply finds this status quo unacceptable.


Instead, this organization supports smart government – government excellence: the kind of internal governance that values customer service, efficiency, modernization, and fairness.  This organization wants its government to give the honest, hard-working citizen a break, a hand in improving our community.  The Alliance understands that having excellent government services can dramatically improve the quality of life in every facet of our community.


In order to more vitally compete with other smart cities across the region and country, the Alliance will organize and mobilize individuals and small business owners to actively and positively influence our local government to eliminate excessive taxation, taking of property, unreasonable costs and fees, and punitive policies, mandates, and enforcement.  The Alliance will also insist that local government stop making sweethearts deals, treating some people better than others, politicizing important local decisions and positions, eliminate nepotism, favoritism, conflicts – of – interest, and the like.


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