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The Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector (“the Alliance”) is a 501(c)(4) representing a collection of private sector interests – corporations, small businesses, partnerships, owner/operators, etc. -  who have joined forces to promote a single common interest:  excellence in government.  By excellence in government, we mean an exceptional value for our local services.


Omaha is a business virtuoso – home to five fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small business success stories.  Meanwhile, the public sector has languished.  Services such as public safety, education, and sewer are either underperforming or failing.  The Alliance has a vested interest in helping government improve those services for the greater good of the community.


The Alliance identifies problems in government policies and practices, and provides solutions. We promote excellence by holding government to the following standards:


Authority - At all times, any government actor must have the proper authority to act. This authority may derive from an ordinance, statute, constitution, etc., but it is at all times imperative that the source of authority be clear. If any government actor claims to have the authority to act, that source of authority must be produced for the citizens and the public to view immediately.


Responsibility - In addition to authority, identified by a source, every governmental action must be attributable to a person responsible for taking that action.  It is not tolerable for any government actor to deny responsibility for a problem, action, or outcome for which he/she was involved or should have been involved. The Alliance will be on the constant lookout for faulty job descriptions, organizational charts, or chains of command that do not clearly delineate who is responsible.


Accountability  - If a government actor has the authority to act and is responsible for an action, then that actor will be held accountable for the results of that action.  Citizens must be able to hold their government accountable for its actions or inactions.  Accountability for any government action or inaction must be clear and easily discoverable so that citizens and the public do not receive the proverbial “run-around” when dealing with any government actor or agency.


Transparency - In order for citizens and the public to know whether a government actor is acting with authority and responsibly, and can be held accountable, it is imperative that government actors operate with transparency.  Transparency is an affirmative duty of the government actor or agency.  In other words, the actor must make his/her actions transparent and not require the citizen or public to track down information. This transparency is easily accomplished with technology.  The government actor can readily produce documentation on all actions he/she performs and that the public may request on a website.

By adhering to the above principles, the Alliance and the community will be able to judge for themselves the quality of services within our community.  Where services are lacking or failing, the Alliance will offer research, opinion, education, and solutions to help solve those problems and move our city toward government excellence.

Below is a list of current priorities the Alliance is focusing on:

  1. Court of Industrial Relations
  2. Pending Union Fire Contract/ Omaha Fire Department
  3. Omaha Annexation Plan
  4. Omaha Public Schools/ Learning Community
  5. Planning Department/Code Enforcement/OSHA
  6. Proposed Performance Audit Plans
  7. Omaha Police Department Reform/Law Enforcement Restructuring
  8. Omaha Housing Authority
  9. City County Merger
  10. Omaha Sewer and Water project

To learn more about these topics and learn more about the Alliance’s position on them, click on the topic here or on the Priorities page.  To suggest other areas of interest or research, contact us and/or become an Alliance member.  Please join us in making our community a better one by helping us achieve government excellence.

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