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PROBLEM: One of the most difficult obstacles the public faces when dealing with dysfunctional local governments is obtaining good, reliable information.  In fact, the lack of professional data, records, and information is a telltale sign of governmental dysfunction.  Consequently, the same agencies or government units cannot provide the transparency that the Alliance calls for as a hallmark of government excellence.  When an agency has good information AND makes it easily available for the public to view, the public can access that information and decide for themselves whether or not the agency is working efficiently and then, take action accordingly.


SOLUTION: Until our local government achieves transparency, the Alliance (and sometimes other authors or groups) must gather and report on the information it can to make reports, comparisons, and material available for public consumption.  Below are links to various reports the Alliance spent hours compiling to give the public the information that our public servants should be regularly publishing themselves.



TheDealoftheCentury 2-23-10

PoliceContractComparison 2-24-10

OAPSFDMismanagementRelease 2-10-2012



Fire Department Manning Analysis, an Alliance Report 02/15/2011 (Part I) (Part II)

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