Below is a list of current priorities the Alliance has identified for immediate and longer-term research, discussion, and action.  If you have your own topic of concern, please contact us.  After each topic delineated, the Alliance has identified the general problem and listed a possible solution or direction the Alliance would like to see the city or state move in.  Also, in each topic section, you may find articles, editorials, videos, reports, or other links germane to this topic.  Please peruse the site at your leisure and contact us with constructive comments or feedback.  These are all issues of real importance to everyone who lives in this city.  We welcome thoughtful discussion on the issues.


1. Court of Industrial Relations (CIR)/Labor

2. Pending Fire Union Contract/Omaha Fire Department

3. Omaha Annexation Plan

4. Omaha Public Schools/Learning Community

5. Planning/Code Enforcement Department/OSHA Matters

6. Proposed Performance Audit Plans

7. Omaha Police Department Reform and Law Enforcement Restructuring

8. Omaha Housing Authority

9. City County Merger

10. Omaha Sewer and Water Project

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