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Smart Omaha is aspirational.  What would our city look like if we adopted and implemented examples of government excellence in our current services.  How could ensuring that every government function followed our benchmarks of :  authority,    responsibility,    accountability,   and   transparency begin to change how our local  services are delivered.

In this section, the Alliance will begin to explore solutions.  Here, we will present examples of what other cities are doing, discussions of best practices found in various service areas - like policing, for example, and even submit some of our own suggestions for improving services. The idea is to find the best solutions to provide the best possible results we can for our community.  In the coming weeks and months, we hope to fill this page with a design of what we would like our local government to look like.  Join us in this exciting endeavor.  Let's make Omaha the city we want it to be.



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SMART CITIES:    Check out some of these award-winning smart cities.  Cities that have utilized many of the same principles the Alliance espouses to make their government services excellent.  No matter the weather, location, revenue sources, etc., these cities have well-managed their way to excellence.

Thousand Oaks, California

Edina, Minnesota

Colorado Springs, Colorado


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