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PROBLEM: For many years now, serious questions about OFD management have concerned taxpayers.  Expensive minimum staffing requirements, employment and payroll records that no one can audit, a history of unfair nepotism, and union contract negotiations that dismiss taxpayers' interests are just a few of the management mistakes that continue to plague OFD.

SOLUTION: Serious reform of OFD management is needed to reduce the excessive costs and streamline department services.


VIDEOS: A comprehensive local news piece identifying both the local and national controversy over fire union contracts:

Fire Union Holds Open House Amid 'Anti Union' Sentiment

Mayor Answers ??? About LASIK in Contract


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ARTICLES: Fire Union Criticizes City Memo, Omaha World Herald 08/27/2003

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****GOOD NEWS****Only 45 more years of high taxes until we fund the police and fire pensions!!!!

City's Pensions Shortfall Drops, Omaha World Herald 06/11/2011

Contract Moves Forward, Omaha World Herald 07/08/2011

Mayor Puts Fire Pact Back on Table, Omaha World Herald 08/27/2011

No Mayor at Bargaining Table? Omaha World Herald 08/29/2011

Council Takes Over Negotiation, Nebraska Watchdog 08/30/2011

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A great national piece describing the rise and the controversy surrounding public employee unions:

The New Tammany Hall by Daniel DiSalvo and Fred Siegel, 10/12/2009


CONTRACTS: Check out the pending Fire Contract and decide for yourself if the City has bargained for enough savings.  Click on this link, then scroll to bottom of the page for a link to the contract:

Proposed Fire Contract

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