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PROBLEM: The Omaha Public School District has been in steady decline for many years now.  Costs and top-heavy management are up, and test scores and graduation rates are down.  OPS has the second to the last worst achievement gap in the country.

SOLUTION:  The children, parents, and this community deserve a top-notch, excellent school system.  OPS no longer fits the bill:  the news reports, test and graduation rates, etc., just do not track in OPS's favor.  It is time to look at some serious educational reform.


ARTICLES: While OPS often complains about unfavorable reports (See, "Don't Judge Me" in Editorial section), it is tough to argue with the reports and data we find in our own hometown newspaper.

School Buyouts Become Bonuses, Omaha World Herald 11/06/2011

List of Top Payouts, Omaha World Herald 11/06/2011

Districts Scrambling on Budgets, Omaha World Herald 10/03/2011

Parents Chafe at Truancy Oversight, Omaha World Herald 10/02/2011

Speedy Appeal Sought on Levies, Omaha World Herald 09/29/2011

Learning Community Seeks Stay, Omaha World Herald 09/27/2011

OPS Weighs Redistricting Plan, Omaha World Herald 09/26/2011 ** Check out the Alliance editorial on "Superman" **

Bill Would Trim OPS Board, Omaha World Herald, 09/21/2011

OPS Rift: Dispute Over Control, Omaha World Herald 09/18/2011

National Search for Mackiel Replacement, Omaha World Herald, 08/17/2011

42 NE Schools - Low Achievers, Omaha World Herald 10/23/2010

OPS Needs to Close Gap, Omaha World Herald 08/24/2010

Six Omaha Schools Fail, Omaha World Herald 05/25/2010

Gov. and Mackiel War of Words, Omaha World Herald 05/25/2010

Bump in Transfer Requests-Diversity Takes Time, Omaha World Herald 03/19/2011

Comp Time for Mackiel, Omaha World Herald 03/23/2011

Gov ?? Salary for Mackiel, Omaha World Herald 04/3/2011

Nathan Hale Nat'l Ranking, Omaha World Herald 04/14/2011

National Travel Still OK at OPS, Omaha World Herald, 04/18/2011

Liasions to Help Students, Omaha World Herald 04/21/2011

Grade Changes Omaha World Herald 04/26/11

Arnie Duncan, Omaha World Herald 04/30/2011

Girls Say Ex-Teacher Groped Them, Omaha World Herald 05/17/2011

OPS Cancels GED Program, Omaha World Herald, 05/17/2011

Teacher Union Blasts Governor, Omaha World Herald  5/18/2011

No Report, Omaha World Herald 05/19/2011

OPS Cancels GED Program, Omaha World Herald 05/17/2011

OPS Keeps Abuse-Report Policy, Omaha World Herald 06/07/2011

Sex Assault Trial for Ex-Teacher, Omaha World Herald 06/07/2011



Race to Sanity, by David Brooks 06/04/2010

Truancy Issue in Nebraska, Omaha World Herald 05/01/2011

Don't Judge Me, 05/10/2011

The 'Education' Mantra, by Thomas Sowell 05/10/2011

Remarkable Abandonment, Omaha World Herald 05/18/2011

OPS Policy is Inexcusable, Omaha World Herald 05/27/2011

OPS and Abuse Reporting, Omaha World Herald 06/08/2011

Can't Wait for Superman, by Alliance Board 09/12/2011

OPS Needs Reform, by Jordan Cash of Platte Institute for Economic Reform 10/05/2011

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