Omaha Police Department Reform/Law Enforcement Restructuring


PROBLEM: Over the years there has been widespread complaint from across the community about the service provided by the Omaha Police Department.  Complaints have varied from discrimination and harsh policing in the minority communities to lack of service, incompetence, and neglect in other areas of the community.

SOLUTION: The Alliance is examining whether or not Omaha taxpayers are getting their money's worth out of the OPD.  Is OPD using up-to-date policing strategies and technologies to increase both its cost effectiveness and its performance?

ARTICLES: In still another critical community service - policing, the local headlines tell much of the story.

Not surprisingly, Omaha's crime rate is again on the rise.  A few months ago, these same people on this report's video were taking credit for reductions in crime.  Now that it is on the rise, it seems it is not their problem.  A sadly typical level of accountability we have come to expect from our local leadership.

Teamwork Urged to Fight Gun Violence, Omaha World Herald 12/14/2011

City Presents Unified Front Against Violence, KVNO 12/13/2011

Council Okays Funds for Police Cameras, Omaha World Herald 12/13/2011

Plans for New Police Headquarters Tabled, Omaha World Herald, 12/09/2011

Police See Spike in Downtown Car Breakins, KETV, 11/29/2011

4 Options, No funds for Police Headquaters, Omaha World Herald 11/07/2011

Chief Backed on Firings, Omaha World Herald 09/30/2011

Rally in Omaha for Auditor, Omaha World Herald 09/29/2011

Two Officers Suspended, Omaha World Herald 09/06/2011

Hayes Says He Acted on Video, Omaha World Herald 09/03/2011

Community Calls for Auditor, Omaha World Herald 09/02/2011

UNO Expert: Officer Should Be Fired, KETV 08/31/2011

****GOOD NEWS****Just 45 more years of high taxes and we will have the police and fire pensions paid for!!!!

City's Pensions Shortfall Drops, Omaha World Herald 06/16/2011

More Talk About Crime Lab Merger, Omaha World Herald 06/16/2011

No Charges In Custody Deaths, Omaha World Herald 06/10/2011

Judge Drops Case in Inmate's Death, Omaha World Herald, 04/23/2011

No Explanation for Shootings, Omaha World Herald 04/23/2011

Debate Over Evidence Planting Probe, Omaha World Herald 04/14/2011

4 Days: 12 Shot, 3 Dead, Omaha World Herald 04/07/2011

Union's Insurance Funds go into State Account, Omaha World Herald 03/10/2011

Union Plan a Wreck, Omaha World Herald 03/09/2011

Call for Feds to Probe Evidence Planting 01/22/2011

Tracking Police Overtime, Omaha World Herald 11/10/2010

Platt Gets Disability, Omaha World Herald 09/20/2010

Taxpayers Frustrated by Police Contract, Omaha World Herald 08/04/2010

Council Approves Police Contract, Omaha World Herald 04/18/2010

Police Pact Ends 'Spiking,' Omaha World Herald 11/04/2009

Guards Making $100,000+, Omaha World Herald 08/05/2009

Ex-chief Fired Jail Employee For "Neglect of Duties," Omaha World Herald 12/12/2008

Traffic Stop Concerns Raised, Omaha World Herald 04/14/2008

Sup. Ct. to Review Officer Antoniak's Probation for Sex Assault, Omaha World Herald 03/02/2008

Black Drivers Face More Arrests, Omaha World Herald 04/07/2007

Probation, Not Jail for Ex-Officer on Sex Assault, Omaha World Herald 04/25/2007

Top 10 Police Pensions, Omaha World Herald 12/11/05

Omaha Police Conduct training on school shooting scenario

WEBSITES: We are so fortunate to have here in Omaha the preeminent authority on police accountability in the United States - Sam Walker, Professor Emeritus, UNO Criminal Justice Department (Are you listening Mayor?).  Click here to visit his website which is chock full of information that would greatly assist in improving the OPD.

Samuel Walker



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Controlling Costs & Protecting Public Safety in the Cornhusker State,  the Platte Institute 02/2011



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