Omaha Housing Authority


PROBLEM: The Omaha Housing Authority is once again under federal investigation.  In the past many years, this agency has repeatedly been investigated for various allegations of mismanagement and misconduct.  The present is no exception.

SOLUTION: Omaha needs and deserves a vital, professional Housing Authority.  It is critical to the future economic success of low-income populations that they have a reliable agency to partner with in order to escape poverty.


ARTICLES: Once again, the newspaper headlines tell the story and the news is grim at OHA.

Nelson Says Audit, Omaha World Herald 05/17/2011

OHA Short - Eyes Lay offs, Omaha World Herald 03/24/2011

Suttle Gains Board Majority, Omaha World Herald 03/24/2011

OHA Budget Shortfall, Omaha World Herald 03/24/2011

OHA Faces Crucial Time, Omaha World Herald 03/17/2011

OHA F in Finance, Omaha World Herald 03/15/2011

OHA Budget Crisis, Omaha World Herald 03/13/2011

OHA Alleged Perks, Omaha World Herald 02/28/2011

OHA Pay Cuts in Effect, Omaha World Herald 02/25/2011

OHA Complaint, Omaha World Herald 02/23/2011

Foundation to Pick Consultant, Omaha World Herald 02/12/2011

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